Crimes that Shocked the Medway towns

The following pages were written not by me, but by the staff of the Chatham News in the early1970s before I joined. They were published in a book called Crimes that Shocked the Medway Towns, which is now out of print. The copyright of that remained with its publishers, Parrett & Neves, and I am grateful to Graham Parrett for permission to republish here.

By Gerald Hinks:

By Frank Dunkley:

By Diane Nicholls:

By Alison Byles:

By Colin Moore:

By David Pratt

By David Nicholls:

Rochester & Strood
Medway villages
Medway at war
Crimes that Shocked the Medway Towns

9 Responses to Crimes that Shocked the Medway towns

  1. matt says:

    Hi I am trying to research a murder that took place in Knight Avenue in Gillingham. It was a while back but need to research it and find out more about it. If anyone has any info then please email me. Thank you.

    • Robin says:

      Hi I also live in Gillingham and have been trying for a while to get some info on this but to no success. Anyone know anything?

  2. David Wood says:

    Does anybody know Barry Walters and Freddy Summerville from the 1980s? They were well known in Chatham.

    • Bernadette Keane says:

      I knew Freddie very well. I live near his daughter. He is still going and now lives in Chatham, Kent. If you want any more info, tell me what you need and I can let you know.

  3. Sharon Budd says:

    Does anyone remember back Greer from the 60s and 70s? He use to drink at the Good Intent in New Road, Chatham.

  4. Penny says:

    I am trying to find info on a murder in eastling close Gillingham rougly 40yrs ago

    • SteveR says:

      I have spoken to the crime reporter for the Chatham News who covered all murders in the area in that period and he has no memory of it. Have you tried researching the newspaper files at the excellent Medway Archives Centre in Strood?

  5. Roy says:

    Does anyone know the whereabouts of Richard Vincent? He lived in the Tideway then in Warren Wood Road. I’ve been looking for years.

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