Crimes that Shocked the Medway towns

The following pages were written not by me, but by the staff of the Chatham News in the early1970s before I joined. They were published in a book called Crimes that Shocked the Medway Towns, which is now out of print. The copyright of that remained with its publishers, Parrett & Neves, and I am grateful to Graham Parrett for permission to republish here.

By Gerald Hinks:

By Frank Dunkley:

By Diane Nicholls:

By Alison Byles:

By Colin Moore:

By David Pratt

By David Nicholls:

Rochester & Strood
Medway villages
Medway at war
Crimes that Shocked the Medway Towns

6 Responses to Crimes that Shocked the Medway towns

  1. matt says:

    Hi I am trying to research a murder that took place in Knight Avenue in Gillingham. It was a while back but need to research it and find out more about it. If anyone has any info then please email me. Thank you.

    • Robin says:

      Hi I also live in Gillingham and have been trying for a while to get some info on this but to no success. Anyone know anything?

  2. David Wood says:

    Does anybody know Barry Walters and Freddy Summerville from the 1980s? They were well known in Chatham.

    • Bernadette Keane says:

      I knew Freddie very well. I live near his daughter. He is still going and now lives in Chatham, Kent. If you want any more info, tell me what you need and I can let you know.

  3. Sharon Budd says:

    Does anyone remember back Greer from the 60s and 70s? He use to drink at the Good Intent in New Road, Chatham.

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